FAQ Vendors

Rain Out Policy

The safety of both vendors and attendees will be of the utmost importance before, during and after the event.

Monitoring and decisions about delays and cancelations will be based on radar, news alerts and actual inclement weather.

  • Light rain and wind will not prevent the festivities.
  • Every effort will be made to have the fair.
  • Updates will be posted prominently on this website as well as Facebook and Twitter should there be a weather related cancelation or delay.
  • If weather causes the fair to be cancelled, there will be no rain date.

A more in depth inclement weather procedure was filed with the city and will be used as a guideline by our event organizers.

Last updated May 10, 2016


For those who missed the 2016 deadline, we are no longer taking applications. However we created a form for Vendors who want to be notified for 2017 (all 2016 vendors are already included on this list): http://eepurl.com/bXL0d9

This is an elaborate event for a group of community volunteers to organize and we just can not accommodate last minute additions. If you’re desperate we can talk $1,000 sponsorships because sponsors get a booth and we can probably make that work. We’re a little tired and possibly getting silly at this point. 🙂

Do you charge for electric by usage?

No, we are not charging for actual kilowatt hour usage. The electric fee was a flat $55 fee for hook up. You paid this as part of your vendor application fee and will NOT owe more after the event.

We have a limited amount of electrical outlets and capabilities available at this event and if you did not request an electric hook-up in advance, we can not provide your electric.

last updated May 2017

Do you allow busking / unscheduled street performers?

We’re going to have to say no but I hope you don’t hold this against us! This is an entirely volunteer organized event with a LOT of moving parts. Adding parts last minute puts stress and strain on us and we would like to ensure things run smoothly and enjoyably for everyone. We also already have a musical lineup and additional music performances may interfere with this.   🙂

last updated May 2017

Did you get my vendor check?

If you haven’t heard from us, odds are we have your payment! We haven’t been able to send individual check confirmations but we have called those last few who haven’t paid. You should know who you are by now if we haven’t seen your check. 🙂

(last updated May 2017)

What do you provide for Vendors?

We’ve had a few questions about whether we provide tables and tents for vendors. 

What’s not provided: Please note that you are responsible for your own:

  • tents
  • tables & chairs for inside your booth only
  • signage/menus (don’t forget turn-around time for printing.)

All the above is optional but just a reminder since we have a few vendors who haven’t participated in other events.

Basically we are providing you your 10×10 space (or the space noted in your vendor application.) And if you’ve signed up for electrical hook-up and we’ve talked to you about that then that as well.

We WILL have a community area for tables and chairs provided by LFUCG so your customers can sit and eat and enjoy the music.